Twitter accidentally sends suspicious emails asking to confirm accounts

Twitter caused quite the panic Thursday night when they accidentally sent emails asking users to confirm their accounts, which looked suspiciously like a phishing attack.

These emails began around 10 PM EST, with numerous Twitter accounts operated and its writers receiving the emails.

These emails used the subject “Confirm your Twitter account” and included a button labeled ‘Confirm Now.’ Even though the links in the emails all looked legitimate, as we were not expecting these emails, we immediately became suspicious that it was a phishing attack.

It turns out we were not alone in being suspicious of the emails, as users took to Twitter to express their concerns.

It turns out that the confirmation emails were not a phishing attack but simply an accident by Twitter, as confirmed by the Twitter Support account.

For those who wake up and find the Twitter confirmation email sitting in their inbox, you can safely ignore the message and simply delete it.

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