The Week in Ransomware – March 5th 2021 – Targeting service providers

This week we have seen ransomware attacks targeting online service providers and MSPs to not only encrypt the victim but also cause significant outages for their customers.

HR and payroll platform PrismHR suffered a ransomware attack this weekend that caused an outage for PEOs and their clients that utilize the system. We also saw CompuCom, a large US MSP, get hit with a DarkSide ransomware attack that led to significant outages for most of their customers.

Clop Ransomware continues to publish the stolen data of victims whose data was stolen from breached Accellion FTA devices in December. Unfortunately, due to the number of organizations that used this service, we will likely continue seeing Accellion-related breaches announced.

Finally, Universal Health Services, which suffered a massive Ryuk ransomware attack in September 2020, reported that the cyberattacks had an estimated cost of $67 million.

As for new ransomware, we continue to see new variants released and new in-development threats, such as a strange one that only decrypts victims if they join the threat actor’s Discord server.

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