Teramind vs. Workpuls | 2021 Feature Comparison

These two companies have very different approaches when it comes to their products. Teramind is designed with a comprehensive set of features: granular activity monitoring, time tracking, productivity analysis, insider threat detection, user behavior analytics, data loss prevention – you name it, they have it. Whereas, Workpuls went for a more minimalist approach. Its product basically does two things: employee productivity and time tracking, but it does them well. In that same logic, Worpuls is not really a ‘true’ employee monitoring solution but rather a time tracking product similar to Desktime, Time Doctor or Clockify with some added oomph.

Both companies have been promoting an aggressive pricing strategy though Teramind is the more powerful and therefore more expensive solution.

The table below compares Teramind with Workpuls side-by-side in terms of key features and capabilities so that you can decide which solution is right for you.

Teramind vs. Workpuls Features Comparison

Monitoring Capability
ScreenMax. 30 screenshots / hour
Live video
Email clientsNo dedicated monitoring
IMsNo dedicated monitoring
Social MediaNo dedicated monitoring
External drives
Cloud storage
Privileged user monitoring
Third party vendor monitoring
Detection Capability
Built-in data classification
Custom data classification
Meta data analysis
Data discovery
Regular expression
Support for unstructured data
Contextual analysis
Encrypted document
Partial document matching
Privacy Protection
User privacy setting
Access control
Activity Blocking & Control
Policy/rule editor
Activity blocking (i.e. file copy, send an email)
Application blocking
Website blocking
Automated user lockout
Automated command execution
Remote control
Report scheduler
Alerts & Reports
Built-in Business Intelligence (BI)
Real-time alerts
Custom alerts
Risk analysis report
Productivity report
Productivity tracking
Activity categorization
Time clock
Time tracking
Employee scheduling
Payroll tracking
Project and task management
Private CloudAWS, Azure
Built-in SIEM integration (e.g. Splunk)
Built-in PM integration (e.g. Zendesk)
Active Directory
SSO (Single Sign On)
Premium Support
Monitoring Agent
Terminal server
Stealth mode
Revealed mode
Remote installationActive Directory only
Uninstall protection
Web Access
Customization options
Reviews & Ratings
Starting Price$10 user/month$4.80 user/month
Freemium version
Free trial

Workpuls is right for you if…

all you want is to measure the ‘pulse’ of your workforce, that is, to track employee time and productivity with minimum fuss. A modern and slick interface is Workpuls’ signature of simplicity. The software is very easy to install and use; there is no complicated settings to master or advanced training to complete. After adding a work or personal computer, you can start seeing the data in reports and widgets. You can even import projects from other tools and automatically track time and cost spent on each task.

Workpuls primarily focuses on time tracking and employee engagement. As such, its monitoring capabilities are limited to websites and apps only. Workpuls is also very conscious about employee privacy and compliance. Supervisors can easily select which apps and websites they do not want to track or disable recording of screenshots for a user. A revealed agent enables employees to start, pause or stop their task timer. You can even gamify employee engagement by allowing teams to see their own analytics on a Kanban style board.

Teramind is right for you if…

you need a solution for all your employee monitoring needs in a single product without sacrificing ergonomics. Teramind is able to pack a lot of features in an intuitive interface that can hide away advanced options. But if you really want that extra control, you can drill down granular level. There is a reason for all these options. In addition to employee monitoring and time tracking, Teramind comes with productivity analytics, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), risk analysis, policy and rules engine and tons of other features.

Frankly, it would a fallacy to compare Teramind with Worpuls purely on a capability’s basis. Teramind is a full-fledged employee monitoring suite that also happens to come with productivity optimization and time tracking tools built-in. It is a unique product and barely any other products on the market can match its comprehensiveness. No wonder then, it has been reviewed very favorably by both its customers and industry analysts while accumulating top awards and accolades by popular journals.

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