Smart HRM by PaperFree

SMART HRMS; HR & Payroll Management Solution

Paper Free offers a complete and secure online solution to integrate payroll and HR processes. The Smart payroll and HRMS is to make sure that employee engagements linked  properly with the HR and Line managers. Through build-in features and system make certain that the data and information with respect to employees in the company systematically organized. Standard or customize solution are available as per needs and requirement of the clients’. The Smart payroll and HRM Solution a re available through cloud (SaaS).

Salient Facts;

Successfully Running in more than 10 Companies all over Pakistan

  • Modular Solution
  • Information Access
  • Data Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Employee Management
  • Payroll
  • Attendance Management
  • Reports

Software Designed, Developed & Maintained by PaperFree


  • Smart Payroll & HRM Solution has different modules that form a cohesively whole solution: Employee profiles, time, leave, loan, income tax, payroll, reports and other management modules.
  • Smart Payroll & HRM Solution have different user’s roles viz. Super Admin, CEO, HR Manager and Employee (self-service). These roles may have both central access, or to create silos for sensitive, integrated and secure information.
  • The data logs are maintained for security and review the user’s activities.
  • To make evidence-based decision the software have designed in way that it organize and integrate information system. Creating “Employee time performance” reports and data organization is very simple and time saving.
  • Paper-based or excel files are at large risk of getting damaged, and if a copy is not available, it’s traumatic for organization. Our solution incorporates disaster recovery features enabling system to be restored quickly even in most calamitous disasters.

PaperFree HR Environment

  1. Paper Free offers a complete and secure online solution to integrate your payroll and HR process and become paperless.
  2. Flexible options are available to customize as per the requirement. However, standard solutions is best fit in any HR environment to become paperless.
  3. The Smart Payroll & HRMS is developed to ensure that the all users are connected seamlessly and in real-time with the HR manager.