Atomic Whois Explorer

The current version of the program is capable of retrieving email addresses and other contacts for domain name administrators or owners. In addition, it can retrieve website expiration dates.
To start using Atomic WhoIs Explorer, simply enter websites or domain names that you’re interested in, and click Start.

Multithread mode is available in this program, allowing the user to explore domains at an impressive speed—several hundred contacts per minute!

When your search is completed and the list of domain owners’ email addresses and other contacts is prepared, Atomic WhoIs Explorer suggests saving them as a file, in Windows Clipboard, or in MS Excel/Word.

Atomic Whois Extractor Features

Works with all types of domains
Unlike some programs that work with popular com, net, org zones, often not accepting ru zone, Atomic Whois Explorer supports all types of geographical and commercial zones.
Besides, it can process international domain names (IDN).

Collect and extract domain names from search engines
You only need to write a keyword and Explorer automatically starts to scan the network. Read more, how to extract domain names from Google in Atomic Whois Explorer.

Proxy support
Atomic Whois Explorer access the Internet without using any proxy server and supports multithread mode. But the number of simultaneous access from one computer may be limited. So use proxy servers to bypass such limits (“Common settings/Proxy”).
We recommend using proxy and specifying proxy rotation. Atomic Whois Explorer supports Socks 4, Socks 4A, Socks 5 proxy-servers.

Filter contacts
The program extracts a large number of contact types from databases. If you do not need all the extracted information, you can filter out – the program will display only the user-selected contact types.

Extraction of additional information
Atomic Whois Explorer will not get only the email addresses but also other data like phone and fax numbers, domain registration date, expiry date and so on

Quick search
The program works in a multithread mode; it lets you use the advantages of your Internet connection. It can query several hundred domains per minute.

Expanded log
The expanded log is displayed during the search process. It contains all the extracted information concerning the selected domains.
The information is shown like a structured table where each contact type is placed in the separate column named appropriately.
You are allowed to view the extracted information of one domain or of the list of domain names.

Export features
All the results of extracted data can be exported to MS Office applications and saved into files for future use in Atomic Mail Sender or Atomic List Manager
You can specify the type of contacts you do not need and they will be ignored on saving (“Filter”).

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