Intelligence-Driven Threat Hunting

Adapt to the Modern Threat Landscape

WatchTower extends your visibility and actionability to novel attacker techniques, global APT campaigns, and emerging cyber crimes with intelligence-driven, cross-platform threat hunting.

As SentinelLabs researchers track threat actors in the wild, their intelligence sources are parsed, consolidated, and contextualized by WatchTower to deliver you relevant and timely insights on a need-to-know basis.

Stay a Step Ahead of Attackers

In the face of modern threats, the efficacy of your response & recovery comes down to minutes, not days or weeks. WatchTower keeps you prepared and responsive by:

  • Proactively communicating notable threats as they arise, with further context around the risks they pose to your business and security program
  • Notifying you the moment these threats are detected within your environment, so you or our MDR analysts can take immediate action

How WatchTower Keeps You Prepared

Expand your visibility into attacker techniques and be 
empowered to take action as needed.

WatchTower’s first line of human defense complements incident-driven hunting through the Singularity platform for adaptability to all modern threats.

WatchTower distills intel down to its most valuable insights, such as a summary bulletin of the threat, its impact on your org, and how it can be addressed.

Included as part of our Vigilance Respond offerings, WatchTower focuses on tangible threat reduction in your environment—minus the extraneous detail.

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