Verimatrix API Security & Protection

The Growing Need for API Protection

Gartner predicts that by 2022, API abuses will be the most-frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications.* APIs allow millions of connected devices to talk to backend servers, access data and communicate with partners, customers and employees. Weak API security can result in painful, damaging consequences such as hacker attacks and data breaches. Utilizing Verimatrix’s suite of software shielding solutions can protect your APIs from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Verimatrix API Security Empowers You to Repel a Wide Range of API Attacks, Including:

Man in the Middle
Encrypt and secure data to ensure that hackers cannot intercept API transactions and gain access to confidential information.
Device Spoofing
Keep intruders from camouflaging themselves as legitimate client apps and entering your network through the front door.
SQL Injection
Weak API security allows hackers to carry out SQL injection attacks to subvert your app logic and abuse APIs for unintended purposes.

API Security Protects Your Entire Connected Ecosystem

Safeguard Sensitive User Data

When APIs are left exposed and a data breach occurs, these attacks feel more personal to end users than they would if the event originated elsewhere. When users’ applications are targeted and accessed by cybercriminals, the vulnerability reaches their own device as well as your network. API security safeguards customer trust and protects your business.

Keep Hackers Out of Backend Servers

Weak API security provides an entry point for hackers to reach the heartbeat of your business – your backend servers. These servers store your valuable business secrets, which could cause major damage if they got into the wrong hands. It is critical to build strong API security to safeguard your intellectual property, revenue and reputation.

Address a Growing Vulnerability

Traditionally, hackers have used phishing attacks to target weaknesses in network servers. However, as technology evolves and the traditional security perimeter shifts outward toward client devices, weak APIs are exploited at rapid rates. Verimatrix Application Shielding solutions inject powerful security into your apps to help prevent API attacks.

Powerful, Automated Tools to Safeguard APIs

This crypto-security toolkit allows you to maintain total control of your keys and design a unique cryptographic architecture to prevent hackers from analyzing your app code. Architect APIs to support only necessary client use cases, preventing SQL injection attacks.​
Code Protection
A hacker’s first step in exploiting API vulnerabilities is to analyze your app code. With this on-premise solution, keep APIs secret and harden your mobile app by making it difficult for cybercriminals to understand how clients are communicating with your backend.​
App Shield
This cloud service for Android and iOS automatically injects powerful security into your app, removing the risk of human error creating weak, unchecked areas. No specialist security knowledge is required for use and the solution can be implemented in a matter of minutes.