Unlimited Cloud Backup & Storage Service

Learn how Carbonite helps protect personal data

from common forms of data loss.

 Cloud Data or Personal Backup Solution:

  • Easy to install and configure so it runs automatically
  • Includes backup software and unlimited cloud storage service for one computer
  • Protects photos, tax forms, music and video files, and more
  • Recover files easily from any web connected device
  • Available for external hard drives and other forms of external storage
  • Excellent defense against a ransomware attack, hardware failure and laptop loss or theft

How it wil works

Carbonite Safe screenshot - restore options

Once you download the installation file, Carbonite Safe software identifies the files and folders you most likely want to protect. You can choose them on your own too, of course.

Back up
Once the software is running, it automatically – and securely – copies your files to one of our cloud storage datacenters. Even as you’re working on them, Carbonite Safe works quietly in the background to capture any changes you make.

If something ever goes wrong with the files on your computer – or if something terrible happens to the computer itself – Carbonite cloud backup ensures that all your files are safe and easily retrievable from the cloud.

Protect valuable files and cherished photos from everyday disasters

There are numerous ways people lose data. Carbonite Safe cloud backup protects you from all the major causes of data loss:

  • Accidental file deletion and overwriting
  • Computer crashes and computer theft
  • Ransomware and other forms of malware
  • Natural disasters and everyday accidents like coffee spills
  • Storage device corruption
Carbonite Safe screenshot - files backed up

Automatic cloud backup with 24/7 support included

easy restore

Ease of use

Whether you’re restoring a single file or your entire folder system, just a few clicks will have you on your way.

secure encryption


Advanced encryption keeps your data secure in transit and in storage, so it never exists in an unprotected state.

award winning support

Free support

Other companies charge extra for support. Carbonite Safe includes support from our award-winning team of specialists.

Carbonite Safe automatic backup

When do you need cloud backup?

Before it’s too late.

Lost laptops, ransomware, spilled coffee and hardware failures are all ways that your photos and files can disappear. You can get peace of mind with easy-to-use cloud backup so clean copies are stored separately—and available whenever you need them.

More than

1 million customers

trust Carbonite with their important data.

Unlimited Backup Cloud plan starts from $8 per month.

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