Conditional Access

The explosion of users, applications and resources across on-premise and cloud environments, and the increasing attack sophistication using credentials, have made organizations consider Conditional Access. However, Conditional Access is effective only if it is backed by automation and intelligence.

Scalable Security Policies for Every User and Service Account

With the built-in flexible policy engine, create custom policies that tie in multiple factors such as user role, risk, behavior, location, device, and the resource being accessed, to trigger the appropriate action: verify identity, audit or block.

Extend Step Up Authentication to Any Resource – On-Premise or Cloud

Extend Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to any crown jewel resource, even if they are legacy, home-grown applications.

Using built-in integrations with PingID, Okta Verify, Azure Verify, Duo, and many more, automatically trigger step up authentication based on several customizable conditions such as user type, location, behavior, and risk.

Accelerate NIST, Zero Trust and MITRE ATT&CK Initiatives

Fulfill your Zero Trust strategy or NIST and MITRE framework initiatives by reducing the impact of sophisticated threats that utilize user credentials. With Preempt’s Conditional Access solution, reduce firefights due to user compromises and protect your organization’s data and brand reputation.

Improve ROI & Security Posture

With Preempt Conditional Access solution, reduce MFA fatigue by challenging the users only when required – backed by automated risk and behavior intelligence.

Improve the user experience and reduce support tickets, saving costs and operational overhead. With unified visibility and control, your IAM, IT and security teams can align their identity and security projects improving the overall security posture and ROI.

Why Preempt Conditional Access

  • Inside-out risk scores developed around user roles, user-defined authentication policies and the identity store, instead of the traditional outside-in scoring
  • Strong R&D research team led by one of Microsoft’s Top 100 Security Researchers
  • Time-to-value in days; not weeks or months
  • No need to install and maintain agents on user endpoints