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Many organizations rely on SIEM technology to inform them about their Active Directory environment. The problem is that these technologies rely on native security logs that lack critical data, centralized controls, and context.

Effective real-time alerting requires a different approach – one that eliminates reliance on native logging. Stealthbits can help.

The Stealthbits Solution: Logs Are Not Real-Time

Logs serve a purpose, but cannot be relied upon for real-time alerting. By the time your logs show you the most critical problems, it will be too late. Some of the things you could be missing are:

  • Brute force attacks
  • Horizontal movement of accounts
  • User account hacking
  • Suspicious logins
  • Sensitive account logins
  • Security setting changes (GPO’s)
  • Permissions changes
  • Sensitive file content touches

Stealthbits addresses a challenge with native log data that I’ve struggled with for 8 years. Stealthbits does the analytical work for me, specifically detecting modern attack vectors like horizontal account movement, the kind of technique that enables attackers to acquire privileged credentials and do the most damage.”


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