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Data Access Governance is about making access to data exclusive. It’s about limiting the number of people who have access to data – and their permissions to data – to the lowest levels possible.

Stealthbits’ Data Access Governance solution discovers where your data lives and then classifies, monitors, and remediates the conditions that make managing data access so difficult in the first place. The result is effective governance that promotes security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

The Problem with Data Access Governance

Data is the primary target In virtually every breach scenario – and protecting data gets harder every day. While there are many challenges Administrators face in the management and security of their various data repositories, there are some common denominators that ultimately make managing data access so problematic.

Access rights are already massively overprovisioned, and when mixed with a high degree of management complexity and a plethora of hidden and unknown risks, it’s no wonder why data stores like file shares and databases are so difficult to control and susceptible to attack. As if security concerns weren’t enough, stringent compliance requirements demand something be done to secure sensitive data of all types. But how do organizations approach a problem so big and complex?

Unknown Risks

Cyberattackers love to take over legitimate accounts, posing as an employee while they scan your environment and plan their attack. Are you able to detect unwanted and suspicious file activity everywhere your employees store data?

Compliance Requirements

Employees that work with sensitive data must take extra care not to store that data in uncontrolled environments. Can prove to your auditors that your data is being managed in compliance with industry regulations?

Excessive Access

Over time, employees collect a variety of privileges and access, which are rarely removed and pose a security risk if the account is compromised.

Complex Entitlements

Users may have been granted direct access via ACLs or might have access due to membership in an AD group. Getting a clear picture of user entitlements can be difficult and time consuming.

Stealthbits’ Data Access Governance Solution

Structured and unstructured data is constantly being added to your business environment.

Stealthbits’ Data Access Governance solution makes it easy to get a handle on your data, no matter where it lives. From initial discovery to ongoing governance, Stealthbits’ solution automates the process of obtaining answers to your most difficult data access questions, restructuring access rights in alignment with least privilege principles, and keeping it that way through business-friendly governance workflows.











Discover where data lives to obtain a complete view of your data footprint. Collect & Analyze relevant data points to answer critical questions (e.g. sensitivity, access, ownership, age, etc.) Monitor activity to understand user interactions with data Restructure access to achieve Least Privilege principles and position for effective governance Govern access ongoing to ensure security, compliance, and operational standards are met

Powerful Data Access Governance Software

Explore our product offerings to learn about their robust features and functions, including sensitive data discovery and data classification, automated governance workflows, real-time threat detection, privileged activity management, and more!


Automate reporting and governance across dozens of platforms including File Systems, SharePoint, O365, Dropbox, Box, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, and more.

Stealthbits Privileged Activity Manager

Remove standing privileges to your databases while facilitating secure, audited administrative access delivered just-in-time and with just-enough privileges with SbPAM.


Detect and respond to unusual file access and activity which could indicate insider threats or advanced account takeover attacks using user behavior analytics.

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