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Threat Analytics is more than analyzing user behavior and pretty dashboards. It’s about proactively understanding the threats against your various assets, where vulnerabilities exist that those threats exploit, and employing detection, protection, and mitigation controls to neutralize threats and reduce risk.

Why Do You Need Advanced Threat Analytics?

Organizations don’t have adequate resources to understand or address all the different threats they face and continue to struggle with foundation-level security best practices. The volume of events produced by native logging is overwhelming, which makes data difficult to consume, and it often takes several months for organizations to detect a breach. This inadequacy of the data produced by native logging also makes the data difficult to understand because most log data provides operational intelligence, not security intelligence. Without a threat analytics solution, organizations are left with ineffective data to detect post-compromise activity and are left vulnerable.


Surface Assess Monitor Baseline Integrate
Surface, evaluate, and subsequently limit privileged access rights to reduce an attackers ability to move laterally and compromise credentials Assess and remediate conditions and misconfigurations across systems, data, and applications that attackers use to compromise credentials and circumvent security controls Monitor user behavior, violations of security policy, and attempts to compromise data and credentials to mitigate successful breach scenarios Baseline configurations and continually assess adherence to desired standards across all applicable assets Integrate data, alerts, context, and intelligence with appropriate technologies to increase the value and ROI in existing investments


Use Case Reduces Risk? Increases Security? Saves Time? Saves Money? Achieves Compliance?
Ransomware & Abnormal File Activity X X X X X
Endpoint Security Configuration X X X X
Privileged Account Discovery X X X X
High Risk Permission Changes X X X
Unusual Sensitive Data Access X X
Lateral Movement X X
Reconnaissance X X X
Privilege Escalation X X
SIEM Integration X X X X X


Stealth INTERCEPT - Monitor & Prevent Threats in Real Time

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Stealth DEFEND - for File Systems

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Insider Threat Detection

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