Sophos Security for the Finance & Banking

Sophos offers a complete set of data protection solutions to ensure security for your network and endpoint systems, your employees, data, investments, and processes, and help meet compliance and governance requirements.

Coordinated defense against advanced attacks

As banks and financial services innovate and introduce new ranges of services and delivery channels like online banking, mobile apps, and more, Sophos Synchronized Security provides an intuitive platform that allows our best-of-breed products to share threat, system health, and security information in real-time and offer you unparalleled protection at every point in your security system, including the endpoints, mobile devices, servers, network perimeter, and more.

Security for customer-facing sites and applications

Your web applications offering online banking, credit card payments, etc. are popular targets of cybercrime because they hold valuable customer data. Sophos’ web application firewall protects your critical business apps from hacks and attacks with multiple authentication options providing access only to authorized users.

Secure remote connectivity

Your system must include security not only for each of your ATMs, but also for your branches, micro-branches, and data centers. Sophos offers a full range of VPN technologies for secure site-to-site and remote access. Sophos SD-RED allows you to extend your secure network to other locations easily with no local setup or technical skills required.

Now connect and collaborate for less with Sophos SD-WAN. Sophos XG Firewalls integrate SD-WAN, enabling you to connect local, state, and national branch sites for less by replacing expensive MPLS connections with lower-cost services such as cable, DSL, and 3G/4G/LTE. Protect personal and corporate data and financial transactions, keep up with the continued growth of connected IoT devices, and enable new technologies and applications.

Phishing email protection

Your users and data are major targets for phishing attackers. Sophos Email Appliance provides a range of email protection technologies, including file type blocking, Time-of-Click protection to block malicious URLs, and powerful next-gen cloud-sandbox technology – Sophos Sandstorm – to stop evasive threats. Advanced DLP and policy-driven SPX encryption go further, preventing inadvertent data leakage and making compliance easy.

Phishing simulations and education

A solid security awareness program is an integral part of any defense-in-depth strategy. Sophos Phish Threat educates and tests your end users through automated phishing attack simulations, quality security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics.


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