Secure Remote Access

To ensure business continuity, organizations across the globe are quickly adapting to evolving remote workforce, including employees and third-party vendors. Enterprise security becomes even more vital to protect sensitive information when users access resources from any location. Preempt makes it easy to identify suspicious remote accesses, quantify risk, and take necessary action in real-time.

Visualize Remote Access in Real-time

Get complete visibility into all remote users and endpoints, including location information. Get real-time visibility into all login types (human or service accounts) and which applications they are accessing – across on-premise or on hybrid clouds. See individual risk scores, and identify unusual user behavior, including via SSL-VPN & RDP.

Protect Your IT Assets From Risky Users

Extend seamless access to the right applications – without compromising security. Continuously discover failed logins, stale accounts, privilege escalations, weak passwords, account lockouts, and so on. Reduce the attack surface by identifying stealthy admins, misused service accounts and anomalous user behavior in VDI environments making unauthorized RDP attempts.

Enforce Security With Conditional Access

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adoption for any application, anywhere – elevating trust without affecting remote user experience. Use a policy-based Conditional Access approach to block access or trigger MFA only when risk increases, securing your crown jewel applications and data. Ease the burden on your IT and security teams by reducing support tickets, improving risk posture and increasing overall productivity.

Why Preempt

  • Enterprise-ready architecture to instantly support thousands of users gearing up for remote access, without any hidden appliance costs
  • Leverage existing technologies like Active Directory, IDP/SSO, MFA, and federated solutions
  • Real-time threat detection to detect sophisticated threats using user credentials
  • Risk analytics to prioritize authentication threats and continuously gauge the risk posture for every remote user
  • Easy deployment to secure new or on-going remote access projects