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Windows Server Auditing Software

Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server delivers complete visibility into what’s going on in your Windows server environment. To keep your Windows servers secure and prove IT compliance, regularly compare your server configurations to a known good baseline and monitor all changes made to them.

Comprehensive change auditing

Simplifies change monitoring by aggregating information on every modification and providing actionable audit data, including who, what, when and where details and before and after values.

Detailed configuration reports

Provides Windows Server auditing reports on the current configuration of your servers and enables you to easily compare that configuration to a known good baseline, so you can spot and remediate security gaps.

Logon auditing

Reports on both failed and successful account logon attempts on monitored computers. Find out the exact time someone logged into your critical systems to investigate security incidents.

Alerts on threat patterns

Notifies you about critical security events and provides all the detailed information required to remediate malicious or accidental changes that could put your sensitive data at risk.

Video recording of user activity

Helps protect critical systems and tools, even if they do not produce any logs, by recording the activities of privileged users. Video recordings can be searched and replayed.

Reports on non-owner mailbox activity

Detects non-owner access to mailboxes and notifies owners about all mailbox activities. Mailbox auditing reports specify exactly what actions were performed on specific items, as well as the source client and IP address, so you can hold individuals accountable for their actions.

Streamlined compliance reporting

Slashes preparation time for compliance audits with predefined reports mapped to PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, GLBA, FISMA/NIST, CJIS and other regulatory standards.

Interactive search

Enables you to quickly sort through your audit trail and fine-tune your search criteria until you find the information you need. Save your searches as custom reports; you can run them on demand or have the results delivered to you automatically on schedule.

Reporting on local audit policy changes

Provides insightful and easy-to-read reports on all changes to your local audit policies, so you can ensure that no modifications are made without explicit management approval.

Ensure security and streamline compliance by gaining control over server configurations and changes

To safeguard your environment, it is critical to know every nook and cranny of your Windows servers. What DNS records were updated recently? Who changed access permissions to your files shares? Is your server configuration in line with your security policy? What software was installed while you were away? Netwrix Auditor gives you detailed answers.

Regularly review your server configuration and spot deviations from a known good baseline

Use Netwrix Auditor to perform systematic Windows Server auditing and quickly note any deviations from your known good server configuration baseline, such as outdated antivirus or harmful software. Remediate IT risks in accordance with server management best practices.

Detect critical security events with continuous Windows Server monitoring and alerting

Windows Server security audit logs are so noisy and cryptic that you are likely to miss critical events, such as registry key modifications or USB insertions. The Windows audit software from Netwrix can alert you to these events and other harmful behavior patterns, so you can respond in time to avoid security breaches.

Investigate suspicious changes made to your server objects and settings

Any changes to file share permissions or the Local Administrators group can threaten data security on a Windows server. Investigating incidents using Windows audit logs is difficult or even impossible, as you have to navigate endless pages of native audit logs and struggle to make sense of cryptic events in machine-readable format. Netwrix Auditor enables you to quickly analyze potential privilege abuse incidents and bring rogue insiders into the light

Troubleshoot unauthorized changes with actionable Windows Server auditing

Native Windows Server audit logs generally hold only a week’s worth of audit records, and contain low-level information that makes it hard to perform proper troubleshooting. Netwrix Auditor prevents the loss of audit data and provides all the necessary details, including the before and after values for each modification, in an easy-to-read format, so you can get right to the bottom of an issue and remediate it in time.

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