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VMware Auditing Software

Netwrix Auditor for VMware delivers complete visibility into changes on VMware vSphere and its components, including standalone ESXi hosts. Perform regular VMware audits to harden security, prove IT compliance and optimize operations.

Deep insight into every change

Details when each change was made, who made it, and what exactly was changed with the before and after values, across your entire VMware environment

Detailed logon auditing

Facilitates security and compliance by reporting on both successful and failed attempts to access your VMware environment. Enables you to enforce relevant security controls, investigate incidents and prove compliance.

Custom alerts on critical activity

Notifies you about the changes you deem most critical, whether it’s the deletion of a virtual machine or changes to storage resources, so you can respond in a timely manner and avoid downtime or performance issues.

Detailed reports and overview dashboards

Simplifies routine VMware reporting tasks. Predefined reports and overview dashboards offer filtering, sorting, exporting, drill-down, and email subscriptions. Access them through a web interface.

Interactive Google-like search

Makes it easy to sort through VMware audit data and locate any specific information you might be looking for. Quickly find answers to questions such as what caused an ESXi or ESX server failure or who made critical changes to VMs.

Behavior anomaly discovery

Identifies high-risk user accounts by aggregating their anomalous activity across the VMware infrastructure and other critical systems such as Active Directory and Windows Server.

Ensure security and prove compliance with continuous VMware audit

To secure your virtual applications, it’s critical to have a powerful VMware reporting tool. Who made unwarranted changes to one of the most important clusters in your VMware vCenter Server and brought your virtual software down? When were the configuration settings of an ESX or ESXi host modified? Most VMware and vCenter reporting tools don’t enable you to quickly answer these questions. Netwrix Auditor does.

Detect security incidents and unauthorized activity with customizable alerting

Having the right VMware audit tools is critical for ensuring security and business uptime. Manually correlating logs is too difficult and time consuming to be practical. Netwrix Auditor alerts you to unusual activity that can affect the health of your VMware environment or put your business at risk. Spot failed attempts to log into your virtual environment and see who deleted a virtual machine or made changes to your VMware cluster, so you can remediate issues before they become real problems.

Prevent performance issues and system downtime by quickly pinpointing their causes

Your virtual infrastructure can be disrupted by simple mistakes or accidental changes to vSphere elements. Use the Interactive Search functionality to quickly investigate what steps led to system downtime or performance issues so you can prevent them from recurring and improve your management practices.

Control resource usage with detailed VMware reporting

Optimize resource utilization and avoid virtualization sprawl with predefined VMware reports. Determine which servers and objects were modified most, which virtual machines have been inactive for a long time, and which might have been created without any business need.

Slash time spent on compliance audit preparation

Use out-of-the-box compliance reports mapped to PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA/NIST, CJIS, GDPR and other regulatory standards to quickly answer auditors’ questions, such as who made most changes to critical vCenter elements. Store your audit trail for more than 10 years in a scalable two-tiered (file-based + SQL database) storage system that enables easy historic e-discovery and security investigations.

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