Netwrix CyberSecurity & Auditing for Banking & Finance

Pass Compliance Audits

with More Confidence and Less Expenseand Secure Customer Financial Data

Eliminate the stress and save
time and money on preparing
for regular compliance audits.
Impress regulatory
auditors and improve your
compliance ratings.
Strengthen the security
posture and be confident about
the safety of sensitive data.

Always be prepared for a regulatory audit

Meet auditors’ expectations and find answers to their questions on the spot. You no longer have to spend weeks or months preparing for a compliance audit.

Establish enterprise-wide 360-degree visibility

Gain a high-level understanding of what’s going on across your whole IT environment and identify abnormal activity that might indicate a threat to your customers’ confidential data.

Enable strict control over accounts

Keep close track of all changes to user and computer accounts, and regularly review their purpose and status to make sure that they are not used maliciously to access confidential customer data.

Troubleshoot the IT problems stifling your critical business activity

Prevent system downtime or other disruption to your critical processes by staying aware of the most critical configuration changes and holding individuals accountable for their actions.
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