MailStore Archive Server

No matter whether you want to meet compliance requirements, protect yourself from data loss, or solve technical problems, MailStore Server provides you with a high-performance, intuitive solution that you can install and test for free in just a few minutes.

  • Flexible Archiving
  • Reliable Compliance Features
  • Scalable Storage Technology
  • Fast Access for All Users
  • Powerful Export Features
  • MailStore Features

    Flexible Archiving

    MailStore Server supports most standard email servers, Internet mailboxes, email clients and file formats.

    Fast Access for All Users

    When accessing the archive, users can perform a full-text search (including all file attachments) or use the regular folder structure.

    Reliable Compliance Features

    A comprehensive technology concept ensures that companies using MailStore Server are able to comply with regulatory or business

    Powerful Export Features

    MailStore Server is not a one-way street. Every email can be restored from the archive at any time by using standard file formats.

    Scalable Storage Technology

    At the core of MailStore Server is a highly sophisticated storage technology that does not require an external database management system and is available immediately after setup is complete.

    MailStore IMAP Server

    Integration of the archive as a read-only mailbox into any email program or onto a mobile device via an integrated IMAP server

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