MDaemon AntiVirus

MDaemon AntiVirus provides the next generation of antivirus and spam protection for the MDaemon Email Server by halting viruses on all inbound and outbound email at the server before it’s passed on to client PCs, providing real-time spam, Recurrent Pattern Detection Technology (RPD)TM, Zero-HourTM Virus Outbreak Protection, Inline Virus Scanning via Kaspersky and ClamAV AntiVirus Engines, Urgent Update Notification, and more. It is the number one solution for safeguarding your MDaemon mail

To combat today’s ever-changing security threats and provide your organization with the strongest defense against spam, phishing, and viruses, download the free, fully functional, trial of MDaemon AntiVirus software today. Or, start protecting your organization’s email infrastructure by purchasing today!

MDaemon AntiVirus Features

Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection

Real-time pattern analysis provides much faster protection than traditional filter and signature based solutions that require detecting, defining, and disseminating new virus information.

Urgent Update Notification

Provides additional antivirus definitions beyond regularly scheduled updates. When a high-risk virus threat is identified by Kaspersky Labs, you can select to be notified and trigger

Kaspersky AntiVirus Engine

MDaemon AntiVirus scans messages inline, using the Kaspersky AntiVirus Engine, during each SMTP session, effectively stopping malicious software at the email entrance to your network

Versatile Control

MDaemon AntiVirus detects infected attachments in both plain text and HTML messages. When an infected attachment is detected and you have selected to not block

ClamAV AntiVirus Engine

In addition to the Kaspersky AntiVirus engine, messages are scanned via the ClamAV plugin for MDaemon AntiVirus, adding an additional layer of antivirus protection for all inbound and outbound email traffic.

Log Files

MDaemon AntiVirus includes an administrative log that keeps track of the type, time, and location of detected viruses.

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