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Looking for Live Streaming solutions? Muvi can help you go-live with your content, event or channel instantly!

Video Live Streaming has become an important part of marketing strategy in recent times, and it is crucial for businesses to adopt the strategy. As live streaming services do not have limitations like physical space, businesses can leverage it to reach and interact with more audiences across the globe.


Muvi Live enables you to live stream videos such as live events, conferences, meetings, festivals, TV channels, games and sports events, and esports with ultra-low latency across the globe.

Top Features of Muvi Live

  • Stream From Cameras
  • Stream using HLS and RTMP Feeds
  • Embed Live Video Easily
  • Live Video Streaming with Low Latency
  • Record Live Streams
  • Secured Live Streaming
  • Monetize Live Streaming
Stream From Cameras

With Muvi Live, seamlessly handle video live streaming directly from your camera, both from mobile and laptop. You just need to select the video source as the camera. Muvi Live will take care of the rest, right from transcoding the feed to various formats to delivering live video streaming to your viewers..

Stream using HLS and RTMP Feeds

Muvi Live supports live video streaming using both HLS and RTMP feeds. In addition to streaming from a camera, you may also choose to stream videos live from third-party live feeds. You just have to input an HLS or RTSP feed link and Muvi Live will broadcast the live stream securely. Your viewers will be able to stream the video with no time lag or loss in frames.

Embed Live Video Easily

With Muvi Live’s video live streaming software, you can embed the live video stream directly into your website or mobile apps without any restrictions. You can also use your own logo inside the video in order to increase your brand awareness. You will have complete control over your content and it is just as simple as copying and pasting a link.

Live Video Streaming with Low Latency

Muvi Live enables you to live stream videos with ultra-low latency up to 9 seconds or less in order to enhance your viewers’ online video streaming experience. Muvi Live’s adaptive bitrate streaming also helps you deliver a buffer-free streaming experience to your end-users. Make use of Muvi Live to deliver a great customer experience.

Record Live Streams

With Muvi Live, you can record your live streaming video broadcasts (both feeds from camera and third parties) and store them as on-demand content for future use. As all your recordings will be stored in the cloud securely, you can access the recordings instantly. You will be able to record multiple live streams concurrently without any hassles.

Secure Live Video Streaming

Deliver live streams to your viewers securely with the help of Muvi Live’s secure streaming features. As online video streaming gains traction, it’s crucial to ensure content protection. You can protect your content against pirates and hackers by making use of Muvi Live’s multi-DRM feature. In addition to multi-DRM, Muvi Live offers best-in-class security features such as screen recording protection, geo-blocking, watermarking, etc.

Monetize Live Streams

Generate revenue right from your first live video streaming. With the rising demand for live streaming video, you can display ads or charge viewers. Monetize your live streams by offering a subscription, charge pay-per-view, or both. Muvi Live offers integration with multiple payment gateways, ensuring a simple payment process for your viewers.

Plans & Pricing

Features Description
Event Duration Unlimited
Concurrent Viewers Unlimited
Concurrent Events Unlimited
Admin Accounts Unlimited
Infra 1 TB Bandwidth and 100 Hours of Streaming are included for free per month. Overage is charged as per Infra Fees
Storage As per Infra Fees
Uptime 99.99%
Stream Quality Up to 4K
Key Features Record Events, Embeddable Player, Mobile Streaming, Share Link, HLS Output, Live Chat, Real-Time Analytics, Watermarking, Logo Branding, Player Customizations, Domain Restrictions, Ad Insertions, Webhooks and APIs
CDN Built-in Amazon CDN Or Ability to use your own
DRM Included for Free
Reports Standard and Custom
Support Email, Ticketing System, SLA, Phone, Weekly Meetings, Dedicated Account Manager, Personalized Billing, Migrations and Integrations
Monthly Price USD 1000
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