Integrate Web Categorization Into Your Solutions

Integrate web categorization seamlessly into your solutions

Using SafeDNS Database

Access to 109m of categorized websites

Customizable up to 200 custom topic, according to the vendor’s needs.

Armed with an proprietary automatic categorization system, the company delivers precise web categorization, highly accurate in detection of malware and botnets.

With daily updates the database contains only relevant information. No non-existing sites in the web categorization database.

SafeDNS in numbers

Protect the users against known and emerging cyber threats with precise threat categorization. The SafeDNS set of internet security categories includes botnets C&Cs, virus propagation, malware and phishing sites, and more.

A proprietary malware detection system expands coverage of the SafeDNS database, aided by powerful continuous machine learning system and user behavior analysis. New sites are added constantly to the security-related categories.

The web categorization database includes illegal sites and URLs marked for blocking by public and private authorities, including the Internet Watch Foundation (UK), the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (UK), and the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors/ BPjM (GER).

Provide enterprise and SMB with a reliable tool for web access control and internet policy compliance. Offer educators and parents the best-in-class solution to protect kids online against inappropriate and age-restricted content.

Add value to your solutions by expanding their set of features with new ones, based of the database information. Take the quality of your content filters and parental control systems to the higher level with the SafeDNS database.

Get a better idea about your users’ web browsing with the information on which sites and content categories your users access, which sites and categories are most popular with your users. An accurate user profile will help you to target advertising more effectively.

You get access to the high-precision database of 110 million of categorized websites. The excellent quality of the database is ensured with the company’s own technologies of collecting data on the internet, automatically categorizing websites and detecting malicious resources. These technologies are all based on the machine learning and user behavior analysis. The necessary adjustments are made manually.

Depending on your requirement, you can create your own categories in addiction to 61 basic category of content.

You choose the database integration option that is most convenient  for you and the licensing scheme for access to the database.

The use of the SafeDNS database guarantees you will be able meet the requirements to filter out child sexcual abuse content from 2 lists – The internet watch foundation child abuse image content list, UK and the list compiled by Canadian center for child protection as part of its project arachnid, Can as well as from the list compiled by the federal review board for media harmful to minors, GER