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Go Get SSL Multi-Domain SSL certificate is trusted SSL and already used within 212+ countries. It allows the protection of up to 250 SAN items; the default price includes 2 SAN items and 1 domain from the CSR. No more need to use multiple Single Domain SSL certificates with numerous CSR and private keys as Multi-Domain use one CSR, one Key and requires only one IP address or SNI in use.

Our Multi-Domain SSL allows protection of public IP addresses as SAN item, that is a great option for hosting providers and internal projects. We offer unlimited free reissues.

Multi-Domain Certificates, also called SAN certificates, offer complete control over the Subject Alternative Name field. These certificates are ideal for securing multiple names across different domains and subdomains (e.g., Exchange/OCS environments). You also have the option to add, change, and delete any of the SANs on the fly to reflect the evolving needs of your network.

With just one Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate, you could secure the following domains:

Avoid renewing every year - buy multi-year and get the highest discounts

SSL Certificates Prices 1 Year 2 Years
Multi Domain SSL USD 114.99 USD 199.99
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