Atomic Email Studio

Atomic Email Studio is a universal product for mass mailingsThe software efficiently performs all tasks related to email address search and e-newsletter sending

Email address extraction from websites, local files, Outlook address books, newsgroups, and the global WHOIS database

Mailing list management: merging, subtraction, intersection, splitting, and removal of duplicate contacts

Email address validity check and automatic removal of “dead” contacts

Unique email message creation, sending, and monitoring

9 Programs in One Interface

What programs are included in Atomic Email Studio?

  • Atomic Mail Sender to send email newsletters
  • Atomic Email Hunter to collect contacts from the Internet
  • Atomic Mail Verifier to verify email lists
  • Atomic List Manager to edit mailing lists
  • Atomic Subscription Manager to handle subscriptions automatically
  • Atomic Email Logger to gather contacts from local files
  • Atomic WHOIS Explorer to collect contacts from the global WHOIS database
  • Atomic Newsgroup Explorer to extract contacts from newsgroups
  • Atomic Web Spider to collect contacts from visited websites

The way Atomic Email Studio can help your business

  • Searches for new contacts within your target audience
  • Automatically maintains and segments customer bases
  • Creates corporate email templates and email newsletters
  • Monitors subscriber and buyer activity
  • Saves time and money

Email Marketing System Features

Atomic Email Studio is a unique email marketing system consisting of a range of standalone email marketing products that work together. It is like an all-in-one bundle of our Atomic software products and services.

The system is perfect for accomplishing the following marketing tasks:

sending mass emails
managing mailing lists
subscribing and unsubscribing recipients
searching for new subscribers.
Each module of the system is represented by a single program that is launched right after choosing the specific function.

Complete Email Campaign Automation
Atomic Email Studio works with separate e-mail campaign projects, so you can apply the following actions to each e-mail project:

  • Import e-mail addresses
  • Edit mail list
  • Verify e-mail addresses
  • Create and send a newsletter
  • Measure e-mail campaign effectiveness

Manage Email Campaigns
Our email marketing system is designed to automate the routine work that email marketers performs on regular basis – this way you can spend your time on being creative and productive.

Personalized mass mailing
HTML and plain text mode support.
Attachment of any amount of files.
Message parameter rotation support (like changing values of “from” or “subject” fields).
Autoreplies to incoming messages
Mailing list import from a variety of formats

Mailing list management features
The system has all required tools for keeping your email list in perfect shape and always up to date.

Editing of lists of any size.
Personalization. Every contact can have an unlimited number of fields with personal data.
Signup and unsubscribe processes are fully automated
Verification of email addresses. Automated removal of contacts with invalid email addresses.
List management actions include merging, subtraction, intersection, splitting and removal of duplicates.

Search for New Contacts
The key to success is evolution and progress – our email marketing system allows you to expand your email list with new contacts – you can extract emails from virtually any source and organize them into a email list.

Search for email addresses using popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and local versions (,, etc)
Extract emails from a particular website
Quickly extract data from local files, including archives and password-protected files
Quickly extract contacts from address books in Outlook, Outlook Express and others
Search for emails in newsgroups (NNTP-servers)
Search for emails of website owners (in WHOIS databases)
Extract emails in background mode from all pages that you open in web browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera)

Monitor the Results
First of all you should activate Atomic Email Tracker account to use it for tracking e-mail campaigns.

Detecting the number of recipients who read your e-mail message (percentage and quantity).
Splitting by countries.
Splitting by recipients’ activity time (weekdays, hours).
Detecting the dynamics.
Comparing email campaigns effectiveness.
Getting statistics on e-mail or RSS.
Besides, there is an opportunity to monitor email campaigns via Google Analytics. However, this will be possible only if you have a necessary script on your website page.

Google Analytics allows evaluating the effectiveness of different email campaigns sent by tracking the traffic driven to the site, sales and conversions as a result of the delivered campaign.

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