Cyber Security for the Legal Vertical

Working with sensitive client data requires extra vigilance in protecting access to systems and applications. Preempt gives you one location to see all user access and enforce appropriate access policies. Trusted by Am Law 100 firms, Preempt helps secure access anytime, anywhere.

Getting Visibility Across Your Entire Organization

Without any change to your existing infrastructure, Preempt gives you visibility into all access traffic in your organization and especially into your document management systems. Preempt makes it easy to identify and suspicious access, quantify the risk, and take necessary action in real time.

Keeping Up with Audits and Regulations

The Ethics Committee of the American Bar Association has ruled that law firms have an obligation to implement strong protections over client data. Preempt is right there to help you implement the strong security controls you need to pass audits and keep up with your state’s regulations.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Safeguarding your information is critical to the success of your organization. Preempt helps protect against remote access, unknown endpoints, and risky users. Ensure that only the right people on the right devices are accessing your sensitive data.

Reducing Security Incidents

Keeping up with the noise of alerts can be daunting for your security team. Make it easy for your organization to accurately identify and prioritize incidents so you can quickly address immediate risk while reducing administrative burden.