Cyber Security for the Finance & Banking

Protecting sensitive information comes hand in hand with establishing public trust and ensuring regulatory compliance. Preempt knows how mission critical it is to establish robust security practices so that you can reduce risk and keep your brand reputation strong.

Financial Data is #1 Target for Attackers

Attackers need to have credentials in order to access accounts and steal sensitive data like credit card information or sensitive personal data. In order to stop malicious actors from taking over corporate accounts, you need to monitor and challenge all access attempts within your environment and take action when risky activity is spotted.

Complying With Financial Regulations

Preempt helps you comply with important regulations so that you do not suffer heavy fines and lose public trust. Preempt enables you to comply with major regulations such as FFEIC, NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation, PSD2, and NIST. Our specialists can walk you through how you can easily enable risk-based authentication to comply with major regulations and avoid costly fines.

Identifying Insider Threats

When Preempt turns on, it offers a complete picture of your employee accounts – who uses them, the devices they use, their account privileges, and more. When risky activity is spotted, Preempt gives you the visibility and control to stop insiders in their tracks.