Server Monitoring


Get deep insights into your Windows and Linux servers.

Server monitoring for CPU, memory, disk space, bandwidth & process run status.

Running in minutes.

Server Monitoring

Server Availability Monitoring Availability / uptime
Server CPU monitoring CPU monitoring
Server Memory monitoring Memory monitoring
Server Disk monitoring Disk monitoring
Server Process monitoring Service monitoring
Server Bandwidth monitoring Bandwidth monitoring

Linux monitoring

RedHat server monitoring RedHat/ CentOS from RHEL 6
Debian server monitoring Debian from Debian 8
Ubuntu server monitoring Ubuntu from ubuntu 16.04
Suse server monitoring Suse from SLES 12

Windows monitoring

Windows monitoring Windows from Windows 7
Windows server monitoring Windows Server from 2012

Over 50 server performance metrics predefined

Get deep insights into your Windows and Linux servers in one server monitoring tool.

  • CPU usage by processor/core
  • Disk space utilised/available
  • Process run-status across servers
  • Memory consumption
  • Bandwidth input/output

Pre-defined, customisable alert rules

Start your server monitoring reliably with default values for all metrics.

Customize warnings and alerts, e.g. when disk space or memory consumption reach critical levels.

Change thresholds per server, service or process.

That and all of CloudRadar's monitoring features