Network Monitoring

Modern cloud network monitoring application with 24×7 availability checks for all your network devices.

Receive alerts on the go via Email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Pushover or Webhooks.

Includes infrastructure monitoring for your entire IT stack. Instant SaaS setup.

Network Monitoring for Availability of any IP Network Device

Network monitoring for all your intranet devicesCloudRadar is the modern network monitoring solution for full control of your intranets.

Ensure all your IP network devices are up and running

Monitor your switchesroutersload balancerscamerasprinters, and any IP intranet device.

Keep an overview via one unified dashboard for your entire network infrastructure.

Fast and easy setup via open-source data collector which aggregates all network data.

Get immediate notifications – wherever you are

Receive alerts via 7 pre-installed channels: Email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Pushover or Webhooks.

Start your network monitoring with reliable default settings and fine tune via graphical rule editor.

Add your Team and customize notification settings for each member.

Monitor your infrastructure in one easy-to-use tool

Monitor your entire infrastructure: Networks, Servers and Websites, and see all metrics in one dashboard.

Get Real-time insights with customisable alert triggers and notifications.

Optimize your infrastructure in the long run with in-depth historical data and reports.

That and all of CloudRadar’s Monitoring Features