Managed Detection & Response Services

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Why Should You Get Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection?

Uncover and stop elusive threats with agility and precision

Bitdefender’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service is 24/7/365 operations designed to identify and remove cyber threats from your environment. Staffed by our experienced security analysts and using an award-winning suite of technology, the MDR service monitors detailed telemetry to quickly and effectively respond to malicious activities, actively removing the threat to reduce dwell time and limit any damage.

Features and benefits

How does it work?


World class prevention technology to deter and prevent malware infections before they can cause business risk


Host & network telemetry backed by security analytics and automation to enable proactive hunting, anomaly detection and speedy investigations.


Real time and monthly report to support security decision making for the organization and provide visibility during incidents.


Pre-approved actions that can be executed quickly by the security team to limit adversarial dwell time and reduce business risk.

MDR Service Components

Endpoint Prevention and Detection Security Policy Tuning
Endpoint Risk Analytics Proactive Response Actions
Network Traffic Analysis Realtime Visibility via Dashboards
Integrated Threat Intelligence Guaranteed SLAs
Cyber Threat Hunting Security Account Manager

MDR Security Expert Series

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