Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection

Control Your Online Reputation

Your private data should always stay private. With Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection, you can:

Find out if your personal data has ever been exposed and receive instant alerts about any new breaches.

Discover whether your digital footprint leaves your reputation at risk.

Why Should You Get Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection?

The more of your digital footprint you control, the easier it is to manage your reputation.

Your online identity is how others see you

Digital Footprint Visualization

See exactly how much of your personal info has been stolen or made public.

Continuous Identity Monitoring

Be alerted if any sensitive information that relates to your identity and could impact your reputation is found on the Dark Web and public databases

Real-Time Alerts

Get alerts about identity-theft attempts such as data breaches, account take-overs and social media impersonations.

What’s happening?

Social Distancing: The hidden risks of online exposure

Even if you’re working a 9 to 5 job remotely, that does not mean that your presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has disappeared. The pandemic has boosted digital media consumption across all platforms, from online gaming, movie streaming, forums and chat rooms

How it works

Easy to Set up

No personal information besides your e-mail and phone number is needed to make Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection work.

No sensitive data (such as SSN, bank account or credit cards numbers) is required.

Continuous Online Reputation Monitoring

Bitdefender’s system gathers pieces of information linked to your identity and checks whether it has been exposed in a breach, on the public Internet, and on the Dark Web.

The system protects your reputation both professionally and personally by looking for more than 100 categories of data linked to your identities, such as e-mail, passwords, SSN, credit cards, travel documents, and phone numbers. We do not store or process this information.

Instant Alerts if Your Reputation is in Danger

You get instant alerts if your personal information shows up in a new data breach. You can also learn how to reduce the risk of impersonation, account takeover, and new account fraud.

How do we map your

Digital Footprint?

Using your e-mail address and phone number, Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection first searches for sensitive information in public records to start mapping your digital footprint. The service correlates all pieces of information linked to your identity and reveals what other people, like your prospective customers, can see about you.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection will show you all the sources where your name, phone number, physical email address, jobs, educations, photos and URLs are linked to your identity. You can visualize all your information publicly exposed over the years – data that can affect your online reputation

How do we

Monitor for breaches?

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection scans databases, files and forums exposed on the Dark Web and look for personal information correlated with your identity exposed there. Typically, a breach exposes sensitive information such as e-mail, password, address, phone number, SSN, credit cards, travel documents, criminal records, and medical records.

You will be alerted to findings that can affect your public image, and you’ll be advised on steps to take to reduce the risk of account take-over and new account fraud.

How do we detect

Social media impersonation?

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection monitors 25 social media networks to detect if someone has created an account pretending to be you. At the first signs of impersonation, you will receive a suspicious profile and clear instructions on how to report and remove it from that social media network. This lets you keep your online reputation under control.

Take ownership of your personal data

Price for individual plan/ 1 year* Starting $79.99

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