BDR Cloud

#1 Cost-Effective Backup Software for SMBs, Enterprises and MSPs

Backup for Microsoft 365 &Google Workspace
per user /month
Backup for Windows, Linux,Mac Endpoints
per endpoint /month
Backup forServers, Applications & DBs
per workload /month

BDRCloud – Zero Hardware Investments, Direct-to-Cloud Backup

Direct to Cloud Backup Services

BDRCloud enables direct transfers of data to the cloud. You can seamlessly protect your data with BDRCloud’s direct-to-cloud backup solutions for Servers, Endpoints, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Applications/Databases.

Infrastructure-Free Approach

BDRCloud eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure and the challenges associated with maintaining physical backup servers and storage systems. The Infrastructure-Free Approach ensures that businesses & MSPs can focus on delivering exceptional services to their clients without being burdened by the constraints of traditional backup setups.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity with BDRCloud’s cloud disaster recovery, providing a robust safety net for your clients’ critical data in times of crisis. BDRCloud ensures secure and efficient recovery, minimizing downtime and preserving business continuity.

Quick Client Onboarding

Start your backup services rapidly and effortlessly as an MSP with BDRCloud’s direct-to-cloud solution. Simplify your onboarding process for a swift initiation, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience in delivering backup services to your clients.

BDRCloud – Ideal for SMBs, Enterprises, and MSPs

Small and Medium Businesses

Ideal for SMBs seeking direct cloud backup solutions to ensure complete and cost-effective data protection.


Offers unparalleled scalability and diverse workload support, ensuring flexible, reliable and comprehensive data protection.

Service Providers

Empowers MSPs to expand their service offerings by seamlessly integrating managed cloud backup solutions for clients.

Why MSPs Choose BDRCloud

 Unbeatable Discounts for Service Providers

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

No Minimum Monthly Commitments

No Yearly Sales Targets

Deal registration

MSP Portal for Centralized License Management

Free Marketing and Pre-sales Resources

No Eligibility Criteria for Marketing Funds

Free NFR Licenses

Partner Training and Certifications

24/7 Support with Dedicated Account Manager

Seamless Cloud Storage Management for MSPs

BDRCloud seamlessly expands with your business. Effortlessly scale your services to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of your clients, ensuring flexibility and unhindered growth.
Security and Compliance
BDRCloud offers enterprise-grade protection for your data. Through end-to-end encryption and strict compliance adherence, MSPs can trust that critical information remains protected against potential threats.
No Minimum Cloud Storage Purchase
BDRCloud allows MSPs to begin their cloud storage journey with as little as 10 GB, offering the flexibility to scale based on evolving needs. This approach eliminates unnecessary minimum purchase limits, providing MSPs with the adaptability to grow organically.
Simplicity in Cloud Storage Offerings
BDRCloud simplifies the storage experience by eliminating complex agreements. This straightforward approach ensures a hassle-free solution for MSPs, offering clear and transparent storage offerings.
Flexible Cloud Storage Allocation
Purchase storage in advance and allocate resources based on real-time needs. As an MSP, this flexibility allows you to efficiently distribute purchased storage among multiple clients, ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost-effectiveness.
World-wide Data Centers
Leveraging globally distributed data centers, BDRCloud ensures reliable and redundant storage solutions. MSPs can benefit from a secure infrastructure accessible from anywhere, combining global accessibility with local reliability.

Key Features of Direct-to-Cloud Backup

Backup Any Workloads

BDRCloud enables you to protect Servers, Endpoints and SaaS Applications ensuring comprehensive data protection.

Ransomware Protection

Mitigate ransomware threats with BDRCloud’s immutable storage support, enabling swift recovery in the event of an attack.

Remote Backup

Perform remote backups over WAN with efficient ‘Where It Left Off’ feature for seamless data protection in distributed setups.

Centralized Web-Based Management

Efficiently manage and configure backup and recovery from a single, intuitive interface accessible via browsers from anywhere.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Fortify clients’ data against unauthorized access with an extra layer of protection through 2FA.

Monitoring and Reporting

Gain real-time insights into backup status and generate comprehensive reports with BDRCloud’s centralized monitoring capabilities.

MSP Portal

BDRSuite Portal for Service Providers is a centralized cloud console, streamlining the management of customer licensing, billing, and invoices.


BDRCloud incorporates robust multi-tenant capabilities, allowing secure management of multiple clients’ data within a single user interface.

Self-Service Console for Clients

Enable a customizable self-administrative service for clients, providing web-based access to view and restore their backup data.

SaaS Applications
Applications & DB