Audio Streaming Service

Looking to launch your own branded Audio Streaming Service like Spotify? Look no further, with Muvi you can now own & launch your own branded audio or music streaming service and stream audio or music tracks across multiple devices instantly!

Launch from Music Streaming to podcast, from audiobooks to inspiration talks, all using one single platform!

Muvi takes care of it all, from IT Infrastructure, CDN, cloud based servers and storage, security, payment gateway integration, subscriber, Billing and User Management, Reports & Analytics to website and apps, you get it all, a fully managed end-to-end solution from Muvi all integrated and ready to launch in 1-click!


  • Unlimited Everything
  • End-to-End offering
  • Stream Audio Tracks
  • Multi-Device Compatibility
  • Monetization Models
  • Supports Multiple formats
  • Embed Code

Audio Streaming

Launch an Audio Streaming Platform instantly and start broadcasting to the world in 1-Click. Muvi provides you everything you require to launch and run your own Audio Streaming Platform across multiple devices. You can launch a platform like Spotify or Audible with Muvi, while we provide the end-to-end technology, you take care of the content and marketing to rake in the revenues (oh, BTW 100% revenues belong to you!). You can be up and running your own broadcast network in under just a couple of hours, as everything you need from IT infrastructure to Website and Apps for Mobile is provided and taken care by Muvi, all out-of-the-box!

Multiple Audio Formats

Muvi’s Audio Streaming Platform supports audio tracks in multiple formats, from MP3, WAV, ACC to Ogg, we support it all, so that you don’t need to worry about converting your audio library from one format to another trying to make your audio tracks compatible with an platform, we make our platform compatible to your audio library!

Live Audio Broadcast

The Muvi platform supports live streaming of audio content. Not just streaming from your library, your users can stream audio content that’s running live such as a concert, coverage from a recording studio, jamming sessions of a band, radio room discussions, etc. Once you have uploaded an existing audio feed in the Muvi CMS, users will be able to stream it live from the website.

IT Infrastructure

Get an IT Infrastructure that is trusted by the likes of Netflix and Spotify to host your audio streaming platform! Yes, you read that right, Muvi uses the same IT Infrastructure provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS) that hosts and streams popular streaming businesses like Spotify and Netflix! Dont settle for anything else that compromises on the IT infrastructure to provide a cheaper service.

Muvi provides you with cloud based hosting, storage, database server, transcoding server, firewall, streaming server and CDN all out-of-the-box, backed by unlimited and free storage* as well as endless bandwidth that meets your listeners demand, our enterprise offering comes with auto scale up architecture that supports unlimited listeners and scales up automatically with the number of users on your platform going up, to infinity!

Multiple Devices

The Audio Streaming Platform provided by Muvi not only comes with a pre-built and ready to launch responsive website that works across all devices, but also with the option to launch your audio streaming platform on devices such as Mobile phones & Tablets running on iOS and Android ecosystems. Muvi provides Native Apps, all built, hosted, managed and maintained by Muvi under your brand name! Take your platform to multiple devices instantly with our ready to launch platform!

Website Templates

Muvi provides you with an option to select an audio-only or audio-video template from our list of pre-built templates for your audio streaming platform. The pre-built templates make it very easy for you to simply add your logo and go-live instantly, or if you prefer you can select a template and use our template editor to customize it as per your needs!

Don’t like what you see? In that case, you can opt for our BYOD template editor and ask your designers to build a completely new template from the ground up, as per your needs and brand guidelines and integrate it with Muvi! It’s as simple as doing a WordPress template which gives you more power and control over how your platform looks and feels as well as the ability to change anything you want, instantly, without having to approach Muvi for help.

Analytics & Reports

Muvi comes with in-built tools for detailed Analytics and Reports to track the performance of your audio tracks, revenues, users and platform. Muvi’s Analytics & Reports helps you discover the real performance of each of your audio track enabling you to continuously strengthen your content. With Analytics, find which content is driving more revenue for your platform, higher engagement and optimize your platform by understanding your audience habits to bring-in more transaction / revenue to your business! Need to integrate with 3rd party analytics? No problem, simply request for a custom integration and you can further enhance your platform with analytics from 3rd party platforms as well.

Run Hybrid Platform

Muvi is the only solution in the world that currently supports Audio Streaming, Live Video Streaming, Video On-demand (VOD) Videos, Live TV Streaming, Cloud TV Network Creating using Muvi’s Playout feature, as well as the ability to sell Physical Goods (eCommerce), merchandizing and products simultaneously on a single platform across Multiple Devices! Sell virtually anything with Muvi, from Videos to Music, from TShirts to DVDs, Muvi supports and manages it all, and thus allowing you to monetize your site and app traffic to the max potential!

Plans & Pricing

Standard Plan @ USD 399 / month

Concurrent Users – 2000
Content – Unlimited
Bandwidth & Storage – 1TB

Professional Plan @ USD 1499 / month

Concurrent Users – 10000
Content – Unlimited
Bandwidth & Storage – 2TB

Enterprise Plan @ USD 3900 / month

Concurrent Users – Unlimited
Content – Unlimited
Bandwidth & Storage – 5TB

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