Abisol Lead Management CRM

Abisol Lead Management CRM

Drive more sales with our effective Lead Management CRM

Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to scoring, to conversion, ABiSol CRM’s lead management software ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline.

Lead to Marketing Solution

Abisol CRM provides the most desirable features to solve your Lead & Marketing problems. Abisol makes marketing easier by offering, Leads Lifecycle Management, Campaign Management, Email Marketing, and Business Networking Management features.

Leads Management

Cover complete lead life from acquisition till maturity!!!!

Companies implement demand generation strategies to produce leads and extract business from leads. Most companies assume that more leads are better; however it is the quality of the leads which will lead to sales.

Abisol Leads Lifecycle Management feature keeps all your leads consolidatedcompany-wide accessible to better entertain these leads. It facilitates you to increase the quality and quantity of leads through better management for high profits.Abisol Lead lifecycle management covers complete lead life cycle starting from lead acquisition to lead cultivation. It efficiently manages leads from multiple sources and develops the capacity to tap more.

Leads Assignment functionality enables you to assign the leads to your teams for better lead processing. You can score leads against your pre-defined criteria and classify them according to stages and categories for better lead tracking.

Abisol Email Marketing feature is fully integrated with the Lead Lifecycle Management feature and helps you to run targeted Emails campaigns to Leads.


  • Automate Lead Management function
  • Align marketing & sales efforts to drive more revenue
  • Improve efficiency bypassing high quality leads to sale teams
  • Facilitate lead nurturing activities
  • Helps to manage multiple leads simultaneously

Campaign Management

Bridge the Gap B/W  Efficient Campaigns & Smart Work!!!!

Marketing is the first point of business success cycle so companies need to manage sophisticated and smart marketing campaigns. Abisol Campaign Management feature makes campaign management easier for your company. It streamlines tasks and activities required to create, manage, and optimize campaigns. It reduces time spent on campaign management and helps you monitor and control the campaign implementation process by cross-checking with plan.

Abisol Campaign Management is complete and easy to use the feature. With this you can create a complete campaign record including minor details for future reference. It offers high visibility into the campaign components ensuring better management. 


  • Marketing campaigns creation quickly and easily
  • Marketing empowerment through improved information & knowledge from previous campaigns
  • Marketing Campaign lists creation
  • Enabling smaller businesses to run intensive campaigns efficiently
  • Improved quality of campaign execution
  • Efficient campaign implementation and integration
  • Improved marketing performance
  • Campaign coordination across multiple functions

e-Mail Marketing Solution

Increase your reach and Marketing communication efficiency

Email is not as interactive as social media, but it is an incredibly effective tool for direct Marketing to customers/prospects. Abisol CRM also provides a very powerful Email Marketing feature to send personalized Emails to your leads/prospects and contacts. You can send E-Newsletters and textual Emails using WYSIWYG editor. Dynamic segmentation enables you to send Emails  to targeted individualsgroups and masses.

Abisol Email Marketing feature also allows you to send files and other promotional material with emails as attachments. It automatically creates interaction for every email-out thus creating a historic database of Email campaigns for efficient tracking. Abisol Email Marketing is a Unified solution to all your Email campaign management worries.


  • E-Newsletter and plain text email communications
  • Provide desired reach and frequency
  • Offer better communication with client base
  • Facilitates personalized email outs with tagging capability
  • Keep track of all email campaigns

Business Networking Management

Manage & Extend your Business Relationships!!!!

Business networking can contribute greatly to business efficiency and business networking success lies in the proper management of mutually beneficial relationships. Business Networking Management serves for the purpose of prospectingsourcing, and support.

Abisol CRM provides a sophisticated features to better manage Business Networking data with a clear differentiation between Business Profile and Business Contacts. It allows you to save operationalpersonal and strategic business networking data including businesses, companies, associations, organizations and customers, suppliers, vendors etc. Email integration with Business Contacts allows you to send personalized mails to individual contacts or to full list facilitating better collaboration and communication.

Abisol CRM provides separate features for managing Portfolio and contacts, these are:

Business Profile ManagementAbisol CRM provides features to help manage profile/detail records of businessescompanies, and organizations you deal with. Proper management with updated details helps you to better collaborate with them and get benefits.

Business Contacts Management: We know the importance of Business contact and provide features to keep all the profile-related contact information consolidated so that you can use these updated contact for mutual benefits. You can create and manage a number of business contacts against one profile offering facility to keep all contact points of a company fresh and updated.