Abisol CRM

Abisol CRM | At a Glance

  • Multi-Tenant Application
  • Highly customizable
  • Designed to manage SOPs around Customer Lifecycle
  • Designed to make Business Process & Interactions easy and
  • Wide range of Features
  • Wide range of Modules
  • User can pick the module/s according to their desire and needs
    • Pay for what you need
  • Multiple Security Roles for a User (Creator, Moderator, Super User, Admin)

Our Architecture

  • Developed with Microsoft Technologies
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Strong & Secure
  • Designed to keep your data truly yours.
  • Inherited with Microsoft Azure’s secure
  • Fast Processing
  • Backed up by Microsoft SQL Server ©
  • Developed using the latest gear and tech (MVC – C# and Bootstrap CSS)
  • Design that makes enhancements and upgrades easy and quick
  • Designed for every type of Small and Medium

Workload ManagementModule I

  • Organized Tasks
  • Efficient Dashboard
  • Keeps you aware of Team Wide task Statuses
  • Business Defined Classification and Statuses for Tasks
  • Number of jobs/tasks per classification
  • Create/Edit Generic Tasks
  • Assign tasks to your team mates
  • Toggle between open and closed tasks.
  • Quick Search Tasks
  • Maintain notes against each interaction.
  • Upload files in
  • Upload large (GB) files in

MarketingModule II

  • Easily Create & Manage Marketing Data/Lists, Marketing Campaigns
  • Convert Marketing List records into Qualified Leads during your Marketing Campaign Run
  • Convert Qualified Leads into Businesses and Contacts
  • Create interactions/tasks related to above
  • Export your records to CSV
  • Quick search through your

SalesModule III

  • Create & Manage Inquiries
  • Collect quick inquiries and generate leads on the fly
  • Inquiries related to Leads, Businesses and Contacts
  • Create Interactions related to Inquiries
  • Toggle between open inquiries and closed
  • Manage Products and

Orders (POS)Module IV

  • Create & Manage your Products
  • Manage Sales Register (Sales Register)
  • Collect orders in 2 different styles and scopes (Point of Sale Style & Retail Style).
  • Manage complete POS Order Life Cycle (Ideal for Restaurants)
  • Choose the business process that suits you among four
  • Manage your Tax
  • See the Total Sales at Business Day
  • Dine In, Take Away & Deliver options before collecting an

ServicesModule V

  • Create & Manage your Services
  • Create & Manage Service Requests related to existing customers (Contacts & Businesses).
  • Generate PDF Report regarding a Service
  • Create Interactions (Tasks) related to Service Request.

AdministrationModule VI

  • Portal for Resellers
  • Keeps track of all sales acquired by a reseller
  • Abisol setup a Reseller account on request