Sales Staff Management with GPS Tracking

Sales Force Management with GPS Tracking System

A Cloud based Sales Force Management along with GPS tracking system for companies managing large and wide-spread sales teams.
It allows connecting of all sales field personnel across the country with the head office and reporting centers.


  • You can spontaneously work with web based, easy to use interface
  • You enjoy an enriched user-experience with customization options
  • You access browser based solutions that keeps you free from client installation
  • You can access/update the data through intranet anywhere in your office
  • You can easily get the various reports as per your requirement
  • The system will calculate the expense according to defined scenario through mobile network tracking facility
  • The system should calculate incentive through sales comparison
  • You can easily manage your products details, promotional material and giveaways
  • The system will show you employee performance and tracking

Salient Facts;

Successfully Running in more than 10 Companies all over Pakistan

  • Product Managemen
  • Sales Representative Management
  • Visit Management
  • Contact and Relationship Management
  • User Management
  • Distributors Management
  • Online Scheduling of Visits
  • Order Management
  • Expense Management
  • Data Management
  • Tour Plan
  • Google Map Integration
  • Employee Attendance
  • Bulk SMS Sending
  • Reports

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Cloud Based Environment – Designed considering simple and user friendly interface, the software is web based and can be used on organization-wide intranet through most web browsers.

Product Management

With SCM, management of product and its related orders becomes very convenient.

Sales Reps Management

A comprehensive database can be maintained as regards contact, service and other details of sales representatives as per their work responsibilities

Visit Management

Visit management of sales reps on individual and team basis can be performed and analysis of outcomes of actual visits against itinerary visits can be done.
Eliminates Conventional Paper Culture –Our software is built around paper-less model and helps in eliminating conventional paper based culture. Additionally, use of system brings efficiency in accessing bulk information that takes more time in case of manual documentation.

Contact and Relationship Management

Customers are the most important and for the same reason database has been designed to manage comprehensive information for the most effective contact and relationship management.

User Management

User access controls and rights can be managed conveniently ensuring users with proper authorization access the system while maintaining data security.

Distributors Management

Similar to Customers, focus has been placed in creating comprehensive database for contact and relationship management of Distributors.

Online Scheduling of Visits

Online Scheduling of Visits of Sales Representative and Analysis of Itinerary against Actual Visit – Another special feature developed keeping in view of increasing effectiveness in work perspective is the online scheduling of visits of sales representatives from central location.

Order Management

Using reports and tools available in the system, order management becomes easy to manage and track progress of each order. Sales level can also be monitored using order management tool.

Expense Management

Expenses related to Sales rep’s visits can be easily monitored and managed.
Incentive Calculation – Motivation for sales force comes from the incentives and commission linked to their performance. Our software allows ease in performance analysis which can be then utilized in calculation of incentives for the individual staff and teams.

Tour Plan

Sales reps’ visit plan can be easily planned on a monthly basis and targets assigned using the tools available in the system, which can later on be used to analyze the performance of sales reps based on their actual performance.

Google Map Integration

Employee Tracking on ‘Google Maps’via GPS or Mobile Network – Our software’s integrated tracking tool keeps a track of registered sales rep which can be viewed on Google Maps. The facility is available using GPS or Mobile Networks tracking support. This eases in tracking the visits of sales reps against their itinerary visits as scheduled.

Employee Attendance

Using mobile tracking and attendance module, employee attendance becomes very easy to monitor. In connection with the visit monitoring, the performance of the employee can be monitored along with their attendance is readily available with the system.

Bulk SMS Sending

The software has a message module that can be used to send bulk messages as may be required for promotions or communication with the sales force.


Our software comes with set of standard reports that aide in evaluating performance, information analysis and its processing. Customized reports can also be generated as per management requirement.