About SafeDNS;

SafeDNS breathes to make the internet safer for people all over the world with solutions ranging from AI & ML-powered web filtering, cybersecurity to threat intelligence.

Moreover, we strive to create the next generation of safer and more affordable web filtering products.

Endlessly working to improve our users’ online protection, SafeDNS has also launched an innovative system powered by continuous machine learning and user behavior analytics to detect botnets and malicious websites.

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Why we do

  • Web content filtering. We help you block all dangerous or unwanted websites such as pornography, violence, child sexual abuse and similar categories.
  • Malware protection. We also have your back against malicious sites trying to breach user devices either with viruses or information theft intent.
  • Cloud service. Additionally, we provide you with a cloud filtering service that requires no additional hardware purchase or software installation.

Product Line;