PSA: Don’t Open This Video on WhatsApp

The National Information Technology Board has posted a cybersecurity alert on Twitter warning people about a malicious video that is circulating WhatsApp. This video is called “Argentina” and it shows how the COVID-19 curve is starting to flatten in Argentina.

We strongly advise people not to open the link as it hacks your phone in only 10 seconds and it cannot be stopped in any way. We also recommend spreading the message in your circles and warning others about it.

WhatsApp has recently started being shunned by many following the latest update in the app’s privacy policy. The updated policy openly talks about the data WhatsApp collects on its users and how it is shared between Facebook and its services and third parties. While previously people had a choice to share this data or not, WhatsApp now forces everyone to accept the new policy which includes sharing their personal data.

This has forced millions of people to switch to alternative messaging apps such as Telegram, Signal, etc.

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