Protection Against Email Cyber Attacks

Did you know that 75% of organizations experienced a phishing attack in 2020? That means there’s a good chance that you did too.

With numbers like that only getting worse and cybercriminals continuously evolving their tactics, it’s vital that you do everything you can to protect you, your colleagues, customers and business. Going through a public data breach or a similar issue can be crippling. Recent data shows that 48% of consumers stopped buying from a company over privacy concerns.

With issues like these hanging over your head, it’s important to plug every hole of your ship. Maybe that most gaping hole is email. Billions of emails fly back and forth every day – many of them carrying incredibly sensitive information. Email is truly the gateway of your business, and it’s vital you protect.

The Numbers Behind S/MIME


Cyber Attacks begin with a Phishing Emails


SMB's faced Phishing Attacks in 2019


In Direct Losses Resulting from Phishing in 2019


of US Employers have no concept of CyberSecurity Best Practices

S/MIME Can Protect Your Email Against CyberattacksS/MIME certificates can protect you and your team against email cyberattacks, such as data breaches and phishing attempts.

How Does S/MIME Work?

S/MIME uses cryptographic keys (a private key and public key) to provide end-to-end encryption protection and digital user authentication to ensure your email communications are secure.

End-to-end encryption ensures your emails are impenetrable. If a cybercriminal were to hack an email, they would not be able to read any of the contents as it would all be scrambled and undecipherable. Only your recipient will be able to decrypt the contents. End-to-end encryption means that the email is protected all times – while in transit and at rest on an email server.

You will also be able to sign your emails with a digital signature. Your unique digital signature acts like a wax seal over a letter. Your recipient will know that the email came from you by verifying your digital signature. And just as if a wax seal is broken, if your digital signature is broken – your email client will notify you the email was tampered with

Digital Signature vs E-Signature

A digital signature is not to be confused with an e-signature. An e-signature is nothing more than a typed name that can be easily duplicated. A digital signature is unique to you because it can only be signed with your private key. As you are the only one who possess your private key, your recipients can be confident the email came from you.

Simple, Scalable, and Comprehensive Protection Against Email-Based Threats

Verify Sender Identity

S/MIME provides users with trust and peace of mind, confirming that the sender is authentic and letting your recipients know it’s really you. S/MIME employs public key infrastructure (PKI) to perform identity verification, so you can open messages and attachments with confidence.

Keep Emails Confidential

Our emails are chock-full of private, sensitive data – the kind that hackers love getting their hands on. Keep threats at bay with the end-to-end encryption that S/MIME provides. And even if your emails are stolen, they’ll be unreadable without your private key.

Easy to Deploy, Manage, & Scale

By using S/MIME in conjunction with a certificate management platform, organizations can issue, install, renew, and revoke certificates with a few clicks. Say goodbye to tedious and difficult deployments, with automation replacing time consuming and error-prone processes.

Prevent Data Breaches

The average cost of a data breach in 2020 was a whopping $3.6 million. Not only are they damaging to your bottom line, but they also damage your reputation and hurt customer trust. S/MIME helps keep attackers out of your network and away from the valuable secrets within.

Avoid Phishing Attacks

A 2020 study by the FBI found that phishing attacks increased nearly 10x since 2018. It’s one of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to an organization. S/MIME stops phishers by showing verified sender information, making it easy for users to tell the difference between safe and scam.

Maintain Compliance

Encrypting your emails with S/MIME certificates isn’t just the smart thing to do – it’s a mandatory requirement of numerous laws and regulations around the world. Without email encryption, you’re exposing yourself to costly fines and penalties. Stay protected and stay compliant with S/MIME.

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