Productivity And Analytics

About Productivity & Analytics;

Productivity analytics reveals how employees use tools, time and resources, which work culture changes are productive and which are not. Business Deliverable.

Organizations need to ensure that employees have a positive relationship with the technology they use every day. Each application and device that your employees interact with has an impact. If you provide slow, buggy or outdated software that causes lags and errors, forcing users to employ workarounds and repeat work, the result is a negative employee experience. Employee productivity analytics enable you to assess how an application performs for each person — separating real usability issues from opinions — and take corrective action to ensure delivery of all the value you expect from your software.

Employee productivity analytics can also play a major role in how companies manage today’s changing workforce. As HR takes a larger role in creating a positive employee experience, it continuously seeks innovative ways to attract, motivate and retain talent (particularly millennials).