Preempt Lite Vs The Preempt Platform

Analyze Your Environment for Weaknesses —
Or Take It a Step Further and Block Threats In Real Time

Preempt offers various versions of its product.
Download Preempt Lite to benefit from continuous insights and analytics.
Or: Actually stop attacks and insider threat with the power of our full solution, the Preempt Platform.

Analyze Your Security Posture With Preempt Lite

  • Continuous visibility into immediate credential-based threats in your environment. Auto discover all users, privileges, accounts, devices and behavioral access patterns, whether on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid environments
  • Uncover weaknesses so that you may quickly implement your own remediation strategies and enforcement steps
  • Immediate value with self-serve deployment model. It’s free and easy to use

Adapt and Auto-Respond to Threat With The Preempt Platform

The Preempt Platform offers the same insights and analytics as Preempt Lite, PLUS:

  • Threat detection based on the context of individual user behavior and privileges
  • Real-time adaptive auto-enforcement of authentications to determine the level of response — without getting analysts involved in legitimate access attempts
  • Use existing authentication, policies, and tools, as well as current MFA deployments, on-premises or in the cloud
  • Block insider threats and targeted attacks without disrupting valid users