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Payroll Management Module is designed to with all the necessary Payroll compliance built in. The Payroll management feature handles simple Pay slip generation right up to complex allied processes including Loans and Advances, Salary revision and Arrears calculation, Deductions and ad-hoc payments etc.

Salient Facts;

Successfully Running in more than 50 companies all over Pakistan

  • Time spent on processing salaries and paper work can be reduced to a great extent
  • Accurate and timely salary processing
  • Salary calculation against employee attendance is much easier
  • Generate the Payment Advice to instruct the bank for salary payment
  • Pay slips can be printed, exported to Excel or emailed to the respective employee
  • All payroll-related reports can be generated with the click of a button
  • Tracking of loans and advance paid to employees and defining multiple criteria for recovery
  • Connection With Attendance Machine

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Easy to Run Payroll

YISolutions Payroll is so easy and pain free that you’ll love payroll processing and save tons of time.


All-in-one Payroll with everything you need to run your payroll whether you are 10 or 10K employees.

All Payroll activities from one screen

  • No need to remember and go to 10 different places before finalizing your payroll.
  • All decisions required to process payroll are consolidated in one screen.
  • Pending activities from previous screen and reconciliation of Payroll right where you need them.

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