Microsoft Teams worldwide outage impacts user logins, chats

A worldwide Microsoft Teams outage is blocking users from logging into their accounts, and preventing those already logged in from sending and receiving messages.

Microsoft is currently monitoring telemetry and investigating to identify the issues causing degraded chat functionality.

The Microsoft 365 Service health status page is currently directing customers to the Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account for more details regarding this widespread incident.

“We’ve confirmed that this issue affects users globally,” Microsoft said on Twitter. “We’re reviewing monitoring telemetry and recent changes to isolate the source of the issue.”

“In parallel, we’re reviewing recent changes made to the service as a potential root cause,” according to additional info posted under TM252802 in the Microsoft 365 admin center. 

Initial evidence suggests that any Teams user could be affected by these ongoing issues.

“Users able to access Microsoft Teams may experience degraded performance with multiple features,” Microsoft added.

According to the company, this Teams outage is blocking users from:

  • sending and receiving messages
  • joining channels
  • joining chats
  • from seeing some channels

After performing mitigation actions, Microsoft is already seeing signs of recovery and advises users still experiencing Teams performance issues to restart their clients.

Earlier this month, Azure DNS servers overloaded by an “anomalous surge” of DNS queries from all over the world caused a global outage.

This prevented users from signing into numerous services, including Microsoft Teams, Xbox Live, Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Intune, Dynamics 365, Skype, Exchange Online, OneDrive, Yammer, Power BI, Power Apps, OneNote, Microsoft Managed Desktop, and Microsoft Streams.

The service issues were so widespread within Microsoft’s infrastructure that even the Azure status page, used to provide outage info, was inaccessible.

Microsoft Teams was hit by yet another large-scale outage in March after multiple Microsoft services including Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, Forms, Xbox Live, and Yammer were knocked down following widespread Azure Active Directory login issues.

Update: Microsoft says all Teams features are now working as expected. Users still experiencing issues are advised to restart their clients to expedited recovery.

The outage impacted customers between 9:58 AM UTC and 12:05 PM UTC. According to Microsoft, it was caused by a recent configuration change that “resulted in specific feature settings to include an incorrect value, resulting in impact to the service.”

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