Lifesize Transforms Customer Engagement in the Contact Center with CxEngage Video

Native, on-demand HD video capability enables agents to effortlessly add video interaction from any channel, providing more seamless and differentiated customer service

A global innovator of immersive enterprise communication solutions, today announced the launch of CxEngage Video, a new native video solution for cloud contact centers. Available immediately to customers worldwide, CxEngage Video allows contact center agents to rapidly initiate video-based conversations from any support channel — including phone, email, chat, SMS and social media — using a single interface, enabling organizations to deliver value-added remote services, from telemedicine to technical support to financial advisory.

“Effective communication is critical to delivering exceptional customer care and resolving issues quickly,” said Michael Pace, director of global member services for Virgin Pulse. “Adding video capabilities to agents’ toolkits is a significant advantage. No other communication medium comes close in being able to provide the same level of personal connection, detail and customer service. Introducing video will allow contact centers to resolve calls more quickly and efficiently, positively impacting the customer experience, agent productivity and the bottom line.”

According to recent survey data from Nemertes Research, nearly half of enterprises are currently using, or planning to use, custom video applications or embedding video capabilities into other business applications in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, more than half of organizations have accelerated video application development, with 82 percent citing an increase in IT spending on video this year.

“As people and industries around the world have come to rely on video as a primary method of communication amid the global pandemic, it’s time for the contact center to evolve and deliver the rich experiences customers expect,” said Bobby Beckmann, chief technology officer at Lifesize. “The ability for customers to show, not just tell, an agent what they are experiencing stands to drastically reduce support resolution times, improve agents’ ability to provide a personalized experience and differentiate brands through a new bar for contact center customer service.”

Video interactions can be initiated by an agent through a text message, email, open chat or messaging channel within the CxEngage browser-based interface. The fully integrated, single-platform solution eliminates the need for additional downloads, installations, accounts or subscriptions for either the agent or the customer, with video interactions occurring directly within the customer’s desktop or mobile browser. CxEngage Video calls can also be transferred to another agent or expert whenever collaboration is necessary.

Contact centers that add and deploy CxEngage Video will benefit from:

  • High definition video to support highly visual customer touch-points. Connect, engage and solve complex issues by allowing customers and agents alike to show visually instead of describing verbally or in writing. Reduce field support and escalations, like in utility service requests that would otherwise necessitate house calls, remote insurance claims, virtual healthcare appointments, high-touch wealth management and more.
  • Simple and crisp document and screen sharing. In cases where documentation or tutorials can assist in resolution of the customer interaction – such as technical support, furniture assembly and appliance repairs – agents can share their screen during the video call without having to switch between applications or platforms.
  • Uninterrupted voice, reporting, compliance and security. Even when escalating to video, voice or text paths and the unified view of the customer stay intact, CxEngage Quality Management can still screen capture the entire interaction, reporting and analytics will still accurately reflect agent engagement, and compliance is maintained. Additionally, all Lifesize video and contact center solutions are built on Amazon Web Services and enterprise-grade encryption to ensure security.

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