HBL Customers losing money from bank accounts?

The Habib Bank Limited (HBL), the largest bank in Pakistan with more than 1,650 branches and over 23 million customers worldwide, again seems to have miserably dealt a blow as its numerous customers are lodging complaints of losing thousands of rupees within no time from their HBL accounts.

However, when approached by the affectees, the HBL representatives appear entirely oblivious of the malfunction in their system or if having fallen to a Cyber-attack.

Following the occurrence of dubious transactions from the HBL accounts, the Facebook Page ‘Voice of Customer’ was flooded with posts with people expressing their resentment and rage over the issue.

One of the affectees Maria Ali wrote on the ‘Voice of Customer’ Page, “So many posts from #HBL today. I am a victim of their online POS transactions as a result of some cyber-attack that has affected many HBL customers inside or outside of Pakistan, I had launched my complaint in October and still waiting for the 40 days timeline that they have given me to resolve the issue. It is not even a month and now another issue with this bank has popped up and money is being deducted from their accounts.”

Another victim Mirwat Tajwani wrote “I received money from a duplicated transaction, starting of November. Reported it on email and call, but they said that there’s nothing wrong in their systems. Today they deducted partial amount without any apology or explanation.

HBL must give public statement that their online operations and data has been compromised”.

Saad Ali wrote “Happened to my mother, daily 2-300rs deducted and when we checked statement roughly 10k was deducted”.

Along with it, some of the aggrieved persons also mentioned the duplicate transactions which eventually were reversed.

Malik Gulzaib Umer wrote “These all are duplicate transactions reversal. Mere apne account me 2-3 nov ko duplicate transactions hui hain and today they are reversed baat khatam. Many people who are complaining can please cross check their statements or either call helpline k konsi tansaction duplicate hui thi,sara seesha dikha denge wo no issue”.

However, a few posts were grateful that they had lost the money but later on the issue was resolved upon complaint.

Rs 10000 transaction was made but Allahamdulliah after complaint recovered within a week,” Sidra Usman wrote.

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