8.5 GBs of K-Electric data Dumped Online After It Failed to Pay $7 Million in Ransom

The Netwalker ransomware operators have published the stolen data for K-Electric, Pakistan’s largest private power company after a ransom was not paid.

On September 7th, 2020, K-Electric suffered a Netwalker ransomware attack resulting in the suspension of billing and online services of the company but not the supply of power. Initially, the Netwalker gang had demanded a $3.5 million ransom from K-Electric, .

Soon after, BleepingComputer obtained access to the Tor ransom payment page for K-Electric’s attack, where ransomware operators demanded a $3,850,000 payment and an amount which was increased to $7 million after a week. The attackers also stated that they would release files stolen during the attack if a ransom was not paid.

K-Electric has access to sensitive information such as customers’ names, addresses, CNICs, NTNs, credit cards, and bank accounts details. Hackers can sell this data on the dark web, leaving millions of K-Electric consumers vulnerable to online threats.

K-Electric ransom note

That a group of hackers had infiltrated K-Electric’s website through targeted ransomware and had threatened to leak the confidential data after the final deadline for payment of ransom given to the Karachi’s sole electricity supplier expir

K-Electric ransom note

In a statement to BleepingComputer, K-Electric denied that any data was stolen from the company.

“Karachi, 11th September 2020: Following the attempted cyber incident earlier this week and its on-going forensic investigation, the power utility has confirmed that initial investigation shows all customer data has remained intact and secure, reiterating that critical customer services including bill payment solutions, customer care centres and 118 call-centre are operational and fully functional.”

Information Security Researcher and Cybersecurity expert, Rafay Baloch posted evidence of this data dumping through his Twitter

Netwalker publishes stolen data

This week, Netwalker has released an 8.5 GB archive of files allegedly stolen from K-Electric during the September ransomware attack Pakistani cybersecurity firm Rewterz, who examined the archive contents, told BleepingComputer that it contains sensitive information like financial data, customer information, engineering reports, maintenance logs, and more.

Contents of archive
K-Electric customer statement
Customer info was redacted by BleepingComputer

With the varied information disclosed as part of this attack, customers should be concerned that their personal information may have been exposed.

It is also important for K-Electric to be transparent about the exposed info so employees and customers can adequately protect themselves.

BleepingComputer has contacted K-Electric for another statement but has not received a reply.

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