Hackers Break Into Punjab Land Record Authority

Recently, hackers tried to change data in the Land Record Management Information System by getting into the computer network of the Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA). When the administration found out about the attempted break-in, they quickly tightened security.

The news story is on a TV station that digital media owns, so that’s where it came from. The investigation found that PLRA has successfully put in place new security measures.

Also, the authority’s Additional Director General sent a letter to the Secretary of the Board of Revenue about the hack and the extra security measures that are added to its data system. The Land Records System is a mess by hackers who used fake CNIC numbers to sign up for accounts at several rural centers and land record centers, the Director General told the board.

After the attack is first tried, all administrators of Land Record Centres and Rural Centres Maal (Revenue). Became told to change their passwords to make their systems safer. Operators will also have to get their fingerprints verified by NADRA.

The Land Record System always displays the full CNIC details of legal operators, and users who create fake accounts face severe penalties.

Recently, the number of data leaks and breaches has risen like a meteor. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) lost data without becoming hacked. But a hack on the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) made a lot of private information public.

Authorities in Pakistan are also trying to automate processes and make mobile apps. But it’s clear that these new types of technology need better security. No matter how secure a data system is, there is almost always a way to get in.

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