Franchise Management System

Franchise Business Management ApplicationCloud Based Franchise Business Management Application for All type of Businesses

Franchise Business Management Application, is a cloud-based solution , which assists franchise-based businesses with Managing Operations, workflows, service fee invoicing and sales opportunities along with cross selling.

Teams using Franchise Business Management Application can use the dashboard to review existing pipelines of activities, previous activities and recruitment tasks to gain insights into the performance of each prospect.

Successfully Running in International Market (USA)

Salient facts;

  • Process Efficiency
  • Area Wise
  • On-Time Approval
  • Compliance Fulfilment
  • Centralized System
  • Multi Franchise


Franchise Sales

  • Get leads directly into Franchise from website
  • Follow a sales process with stages, tasks, and reminders
  • Manage your pipeline
  • Use sales dashboards to review progress and things to do

Franchise Management

  • Franchisee Management Module will assist you in keeping your list of franchisees and all communication that occurs with them in one central place.
  • Manage requests and questions from your Franchisees
  • Track aggregated sales and analytics across Franchisees
  • Process monthly royalties and fees
  • Franchise software dashboards to track compliance across franchisees.
  • Tracking of active franchisees and franchise agreement renewals
  • Easy management of franchise areas and territories on the basis of area code
  • Admin can Add, Remove & Suspend any Franchise.

Franchise Royalty Management

  • Define rate structures and fees per unit / franchisee
  • Invoice your units on time
  • Track royalty payments and dues
  • Calculate royalties automatically every month or week
  • Collect royalty payments from your units on time

Franchise Support

  • A secure help desk for your support
  • Automation of frequent tasks, such as ticket assignment and closure
  • Escalate or re-assign tickets if not resolved within a defined time-frame
  • An updatable FAQ for repeated tasks

Gift Cards

  • Customer Can pay any amount via Credit Card for Gift Car and Get Voucher Code
  • Voucher Code can be used by himself or by any other person to get services from Website

Referral System

  • Customer Can refer website to any one and get certain amount in their account to use for their orders as per Franchise
  • The main idea of a referral system is to provide happy customers with a simple way to share your business with their friends. The customer tells their friends about your business, and your business gains new customers because people trust their peer’s recommendation

Franchise System Overview