Digicert introduces new digital signature solution

DigiCert has announced a cloud-based solution for securing digital signatures for documents – the DigiCert Document Signing Manager. The new online manager ensures that the signer identity is correct and that the signed document has not been modified, with audit-ability that meets requirements for legal validity. 

The Document Signing Manager enables companies to meet regulatory demands for higher levels of signature and is ideal for industries that require numerous legally binding digital signatures, such as insurance, real estate, financial, healthcare and education, as well as businesses that are supporting remote workers or that want to offer remote onboarding in their digital applications to improve and accelerate customer engagement.

The signing solution interoperates with existing corporate document signing workflows such as Adobe Sign, Ascertia Signing Hub and DocuSign and can also integrate with other signing or custom workflows through a Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) API. Using Document Signing Manager, organisations can execute digital signatures faster than traditional “wet” signatures, while retaining the highest levels of trust and compliance with global regulatory requirements. Document Signing Manager:  

  • Introduces Verify by DigiCert powered by IDNow for remote identity verification, helping organisations to meet global standards for assurance without requiring in-person validation.
  • Enables signing as individuals (eSignature) or as an organisation (eSeal) to strengthen compliance with corporate policies such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements. 
  • Meets regulatory standards such as eIDAS or Swiss ZertES in Europe, and technical requirements of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), as well as corporate or local government policies.  
  • Supports audit trail requirements for compliance with government and industry regulations, including HIPAA and financial services requirements.
  • Provides Long Term Validation (LTV) to demonstrate that the document is still valid and has not been tampered with if it is opened in the future. 

“DigiCert Document Signing Manager helps companies do business faster and at a lower cost, with legally binding remote digital document signatures that are highly trusted and tamper-proof,” said DigiCert Senior Vice President of Product Brian Trzupek. “Fast and easy to deploy in the cloud, Document Signing Manager features the best of DigiCert’s globally leading PKI-based digital document signing solutions with automated, flexible workflows and the convenience of standardized remote identity verification.”  

“Confidence that an e-signature is legally valid is a very important aspect of any e-signing process,” noted John Jolliffe, Senior Manager, Adobe Sign Strategic Development; “which is why using Adobe Sign with DigiCert Document Signing Manager for remote identity validation helps ensure that a signer’s identity was fully verified and the digital signature meets the regulatory standards in Europe and Switzerland, and other global regulatory and corporate environments.”

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