Data of Naheed’s Online Store Hacked; Sensitive Information Now Available on Dark Web

As per recent development, the data of a very popular and famous online superstore in Pakistan,, has leaked on the dark web. Naheed has confirmed the news to a local blog saying that one of their developer’s laptops was compromised due to multiple phishing attempts that allowed the attackers to get hold of non-critical test data on one of their staging servers.

Naheed Data Breach: Sensitive Data Available on Dark Web

As per details, the leaked data includes up to 23,000 user records and 108 order details including sensitive information such as user id, email, names, addresses, payment details, phone numbers, and more. “I have uploaded database for you to download, thanks fire reading and enjoy,” reads a message on LeakBase’s database. The company is taking all the necessary action by reporting the incident to the relevant authorities so that immediate action can be taken. Meanwhile, Naheed has assured its customers that no data from their live servers were compromised.

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