Cyber Threat Mitigation, is a specialised value added distributor (VAD) with a focus on information security and the most effective cyber threat mitigation strategies.

Our Main focused on protecting an organization’s sensitive data and the credentials attackers use to steal that data.

We function as a virtual and seamless extension of our client’s service and delivery organization providing high-value, high-performance, and high-quality business information solutions. We understand the complexities of our client’s business model and deliver solutions that fit their needs.

Cyber Threat Mitigation Services & Solutions

By Solutions;

Active Directory Security & Management

Preempt – Active Directory Security  Stealthbits – Active Directory Security 
Netwrix – Active Directory Auditing  


Privileged Account Security 

Preempt – Privileged Account Security
Stealthbits- Privileged Access Management


Threat Prevention

Preempt – Insider Threat Prevention Stealthbits – Advanced Threat Analytics


Conditional Access

PreemptConditional Access 


Secure Access

Preempt – Secure Remote Access SonicWall – Secure Access


Data / DB Access & Security

Stealthbits – Database Security Solutions StealthbitsData Access Governance Solutions
Netwrix – MS SQL Server Auditing Netwrix – Oracle Database Auditing


Authentication / Activity Monitoring & Real-Time Alerts

Preempt – Multi-Factor Authentication Stealthbits File Activity Monitoring
Stealthbits – Real-Time Alerting Solution  


Employee Monitoring & Behavior Analytics

Teramind – Employee Monitoring Teramind – Employee Behavior Analytics
Teramind – Endpoint Data & Activity Monitoring  


Auditing & Security 

Netwrix – Office 365 Auditing & Security Netwrix – Windows Server Auditing
Netwrix – VMware Auditing
Netwrix – Network Devices Auditing
Netwrix – MS Exchange Auditing