CloudRadar launches free open-source remote management suite for any OS and IoT

CloudRadar has launched a new all-in-one remote management suite. Manage Windows, Linux, desktops and servers, and any IoT device from one central console. Securely log into remote systems behind firewalls and without fixed IP addresses.

Access any device via an intuitive user interface from your browser – from your desktop or smartphone. 

Claim full control over your remote management – without sharing your credentials with external companies.

On-demand reverse tunnels are the heart of rport. You can connect to any remote system over an encrypted tunnel using Remote Desktop, SSH, VNC, HTTP, or any TCP-based protocol. No ports are exposed. No port forwarding or VPN is needed. 

Feels like TeamViewer without the black-box software.

Besides the remote login from anywhere, rport can execute commands on remote machines. On a single server or on a host group. Sequentially or in parallel. 

The client is lightweight and available for almost any operating system. Windows, Linux, and many embedded systems based on ARM and MIPs are supported. Any client can act as edge-device building bridges to IoT devices where the client cannot be installed on the device. 

The server doesn’t require a lot of resources. Any small cloud VM starting at $5 per month is suitable to handle hundreds of connected clients.

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